10 Formative Albums

Posted on 25 October 2014

Yo friends, I’m Margaret and I work at WLFM now. I want us to not be strangers and I also want our website to be interesting so I’m going to share something special with you! This is a list of 10 albums that had an effect on me when I was in an easily-affected stage of […] Continue Reading



Posted on 20 May 2014

Hey folks, just a reminder that our second-annual Radio for Rwanda radiathon with GlobeMed is this Sunday, May 25th, from noon to midnight! Last year we raised an incredible $3,333 dollars, and we hope to at least double it this year! There will be more guests, more prizes and giveaways, and hopefully less of Peter’s […] Continue Reading

Op-Ed, Top 200

A little late on this, but, yes, BEYONCE: A Walk-Through

Posted on 02 January 2014

8:03 PM I don’t really buy music anymore, and I expect that many of y’all don’t either. It’s not a good habit, I know, but if I get something purely digitally then I forget it exists, and I have a strange habit of losing CDs that I actually care about. Nowadays I usually just listen […] Continue Reading

Concert Reviews, Op-Ed

NONONO, Foals, Arctic Monkeys Concert Review

Posted on 22 December 2013

My luck came close to running out last week as my best friend and I struggled with finding proper transportation and therefore nearly had to sell our tickets – two tickets I had spent $80 on so that my best friend had a great Christmas present instead of Swedish Fish and nail polish – to […] Continue Reading


Late LU Weird Coverage!

Posted on 05 November 2013

LU Weird, year two, went off wonderfully a month and a half ago, and this is me just now remembering to post the Lawrentian coverage of it! Yay! Continue Reading


2013-14 shows are in full swing!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 06 October 2013

This will be the first full week of shows for the school year! The board is ready, the DJs are educated and acquainted, the schedule is all figured out (to be officially posted with descriptions soon!) and the new CDs are filing in. (click through the picture twice for a large, readable version) YAY THE […] Continue Reading