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Look! A Website!

Posted on 28 September 2011 by Casper

Look at this!  We now have a website! 

Sorry it took so long, but I faced some major difficulties in coding:

Ignoring the finger-normative behavior of society, there are some pretty cool features on this new site:

First off, you can comment as long as you log  in to Facebook first!  This means you don’t have to create a profile for yet another website!  Score!

Another thing that you can do is subscribe to this site, either via email or by using an RSS feed.  Check that out on the top right corner of the site.  If you subscribe by email you can choose how often you receive emails about the site. 

Each of the MD’s has their own section of the site, unless they are Top 200, because Top 200 dj’s are a bit slower than the rest of us, so it takes three people to do the Top 200 work. 

We also have this site linked to our Flickr feed!  If you have a photo you’d like to share with everyone else, email it to one of the DJ’s and we can put it up on the site.  We’d love to see your photos! 

Thanks for checking out our new site, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment!




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