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Things To Do While WLFM is down.

Posted on 08 April 2012 by Peter Raffel

Not sure how many people have noticed (I would assume it’s in the millions), but WLFM has not been able to broadcast over the past week or two – I’m not putting the blame on anyone, but I’m sure Lawrence’s ITS will have us back up and running soon because they are beautiful (Note: this is subject to change once I have gotten what I want from them and am free to complain all I want). Anyway, while we’re out, I can only assume our loyal listeners have been sitting around watching the grass grow, or perhaps crying in their rooms – or a combination of both, if you have some sort of grass-growing station in your room. I would say the phrase “Never Fear!” right here, but you should indeed fear, because these are dark times – I have no idea when we’ll be up and running again, when Spiritualized’s new album will leak, or when our country will decide what they want to do about all of these problems going on. But either way, I’ve compiled a list of five things, music and not music, to quench your thirst while WLFM is on sabbatical. And remember, folks, in the mean time, spend Mondays 7-9 PM CT (when ON PATROL WITH PETER RAFFEL is on) sitting in silence in solidarity.

  1. “Hey Jane” music video: It was previously mentioned, but Spiritualized new album Sweet Heart, Sweet Light┬áis looking to make all music previously released look not so good anymore. And yes, the song “Hey Jane,” is absolutely awesome (although I haven’t been able to fine a full MP3 of it (help??)) – but the music video blows everything else you’ve seen with your eyes away. It’s not NSFW, but then again, it’s NSWAWS (Not safe for anyone who sucks).
  2. Jasmine by Jai Paul: Jai Paul released a track in 2007, then went away for a while, and now is back with one of the dirtiest tracks I’ve heard in a while. He’s only put out two songs and is signed to XL, which basically tells you that anything this guy touches is going to be gold. So get on board now so you can tell all your friends later, “Oh, you like Jai Paul? Yeah I was into him in 2012, because I don’t suck like you.”
  3. Old Simpson Episodes: Look, I’m not going spend an hour writing about how awesome old Simpsons episodes are (look forward to my thesis, entitled “Why The Simpsons Is The Greatest Thing You Idiots Have Ever Seen), but I will say that the early seasons are definitely worth rewatching, if only for the subtle changes that you see as times goes on. I mean, check out Black Smithers! Wha??
  4. Matzos: Sorry to get all Jewish on everyone, but it’s Passover and it’s the only time of year when I’m not considered weird for eating Matzos. I had like a whole box last night and it was awesome. You should do the same, and pretend like you know things about religion.
  5. Old Episodes of ON PATROL: Yeah, I mean, I’d listen to the back catalogue of my show, because it’s good. And yes, I apologize for plugging my own show right now, but I feel like that’s part of being at WLFM – only caring about you, and shamelessly telling people that all the time.

That’s all for now and remember: Be brave, be awesome, and be… I dunno, I ran out of creativity on this one. That is all.


Peter Raffel

WLFM Top 200 MD


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