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Posted on 23 February 2013 by Steph

Hey errbody,

this is mostly a bragging/beaming post, we have got a beautiful new studio after 5 hours of upgrade work today (and a few more hours to come, with more equipment coming in), and it is the best! No pics yet because, frankly, not EVERYTHING is figured out yet and there are still cables a little bit everywhere – that’s how these things go.

But here is the brand new, beautiful board:

And we got two gorgeous new mics, take a look at these bad boiz!

Those are really the biggest things – getting the ¬†ol’ (mostly) reliable BC-500 out wasn’t too hard, but wiring done potentially as early as ’94 (when the model was launched) was not a walk in the park. Thankfully, our good pal, the campus audiophile Austin Federa was nearby to help (/do all the real work [that’s not to say I wasn’t helpful, I know plenty of audio things, but, I mean…]). There are so many things going on with that! The “On Air” logic function, the monitors that run through the ceiling and who knows where else, the XLRs lethally bound to their booms, the cutout in the desk being way huger that our petite new console…

Yet to come: getting the phone to work all the way, switching to a DI box (in the mail), getting all the patch cables, and some other things. Yep. Great. LISTEN IN IT WILL SOUND EVEN BETTER

Update: Things are working! Still transitional, but the board will see its first shows in a matter of hours. And a picture in which you can only kinda see the board or mics!

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