Contact Us

The WLFM broadcast studio is located in the basement of the Conservatory of Music at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin.  Our address is

420 E. College Ave
Appleton, WI 54911

Please be sure to put WLFM in the first line of the Address, otherwise the mail will not reach us. You can put the specific MD or Chart you are trying to reach after WLFM.

We have office hours from 10-5 Monday through Friday. If you would like to call the station our phone numbers are as follows:

Broadcast Studio: (920) 832-6566
Office: (920) 832-6567

If you are trying to get a hold of one of the music directors please call the office. You can also email the music directors.

Top 200 – Will Fraser 
Office Hours: 10AM-noon Monday, 10AM-noon Wednesday, 3-5PM Friday

Top 200 – Peter Raffel
Office Hours: RETURNING JANUARY 2014 

RPM – Steph Courtney 
Office Hours: 10AM-noon and 4-5PM Tuesday, 10AM-1PM Friday 

Hip-Hop – Will Sefton 
Office Hours: 2-5PM Monday, 10AM-noon Thursday

Loud Rock – Will Sefton 
Office Hours: 2-5PM Monday, 10AM-noon Thursday

Jazz – Albert Marshall   
Office Hours: 3-5PM Wednesday, 1-3PM Thursday 

In addition to the Music Directors we also have administrative staff: 

Station Manager – Steph Courtney  
Office Hours: See RPM Above

Promotions – Addy Goldberg
Office Hours: 12-2PM Tuesday, 3-5PM Thursday 

 Webmaster – Steph Courtney 
Office Hours: See RPM Above